Caroline Morel, Principal and Owner

August 2015 to now

Consulting firm providing architectural services





House designed around a grouping of ponds both natural and man made to create a retreat from the intensity of the DC Metro Region. Peter Henry emphasizes the environmental impact of the building world. He proposed a rammed earth construction and an energy efficient design.

Project done in ArchiCAD by Graphisoft.

The services provided were related to the design development of the foundations, as well as material sourcing, and helping for client presentations.


The project is the same as the one I worked on when I was an employee for DCS Design. See here.

Project done in AutoCAD

The services related to the Peer Review Set due March 2017, and subsequent updates.


DCS Design has been studying different locations for a new CentroNia center in the metro DC area. This study is looking at the Old Silver Spring Library.

The services provided a Architectural Site Plan Board for a client meeting using sources in AutoCAD and Photoshop.